Thursday, April 22, 2010

My mom's take on her time in B'more


: Arrived in time for a nice dinner--stir-fried shrimp/scallops/calamari cooked by Chef Chris! Then on to his evening Bible study--got to meet a few congregation members, who complimented me on raising such a fine man--I agree(though I don‘t take credit for it!) Also got to meet Chris’ cat, Simul.

We went to a Baltimore Orioles game with Joe & Joel--Methodist & Lutheran interns. Orioles lost 9-1, but we had a good time!

We went downtown to the Inner Harbor--saw awesome city views from atop the Lutheran Center, had lunch in Little Italy, saw a fun art museum, and went to the fabulous Baltimore Aquarium!

Went to Annapolis--had scrumptious crab cakes for lunch & met Christina, Chris’ friend who’s interning as a Unitarian minister. Went on a harbor tour by boat, and met Eileen & daughters Katy & Jackie for coffee--she’s my friend since Brussels, and we had a wonderful visit--felt 20 years younger!

We went to Fels Point, Ft McHenry(where Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner), and later to a play--Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat--with Kelly, whose husband Ward cooked up some amazing burritos for dinner!

We attended services at Chris’ church--got to meet his awesome Pastor Greg & the congregation, & see Chris in action. We went bowling in the evening.

Returned to the Inner Harbor, also walked around the Johns Hopkins University campus. Packed to head home--flew out at 5PM, arrived home at 10PM, in time for a quick night’s rest, as Tuesday was back to work.

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