Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Applying the Sexuality Statement in a local context

So, I am currently working on an interesting… challenge. The subject of men on the down-low has been talked about at one of my Bible Studies. So, I decided to face the issue head on. Next Tuesday night we’re doing a Bible Study/discussion using the movie Cover as a jumping off point to talk about the ethics of living a “down-low” lifestyle.
I have to admit this has been an odd topic to explore, being a straight white man and all. I’m still not sure what I will say and where our conversation will go. I do know I’ll focus on building and protecting trust as well as the church’s role in people’s “personal life.” We’ll also look at the biblical verses about homoerotic acts—since they’ve already been brought up preemptively in this group.
Right now I’m re-reading “Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust”to mine a little more insight from it for this discussion.
I’ll let everyone know how it goes next week.


Sam said...

Well you're just jumping right into the fire feet first aren't ya? :)

Christopher said...

That said I think its more of a controlled burn... or something.