Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Student Debt 2015 Edition, Ctd

It was pointed out to me that my chart did not take into account the fact that I live in a Parsonage and receive other clergy benefits. That’s a fair critique, I guess when I’m living day to day I just think about the money I have in my bank account, not the bank account of living in a house and having health insurance, which are by no means small things!
I like to think I at least occasionally blog in the style of Andrew Sullivan, and one of his big things is admitting when you are wrong. Well, the last chart is kinda wrong. Here is an updated chart that takes into account my “Defined Compensation.” Also, just because I think it’s worth thinking about the amount of interest students pay on their loans, I created a distinct category of “Loan Interest.”

So, what’s the diff? All of a sudden I’m keeping 49% of my income instead of 36% and my student loans only account for 16% of my income instead of 19%.

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