Friday, July 07, 2017

Contact your representative about House Resolution 2642 Indonesian Family Refugee Protection Act!

Hi all.
As you probably know by now, ICE deported some members of FISDAC (First Indonesian Seventh Day Adventist Church). I’ve talked with folk on both the enforcement and protest side of things who seem to be in the know. Short of hiding Indonesian Refugees (for a short explanation the particular way the US government mis-settled persecuted Ethnic Chinese Indonesian Christians click here) in my home and church, the best way to resolve this particular injustice is through the passage of House Resolution 2642, the Indonesian Family Refugee Protection Act. It essentially resets the clock for Indonesian Refugees to seek asylum here in the US.

So, please contact your representative. Ask them to encourage the leadership to bring HR2642 to a vote, and then vote yes on it.

Tell them:
1. The lives of those we deport are in danger. We are sending these Christians towards persecution and maybe death. This bill will keep them safe.
2. We resettled these folk incorrectly, they had no way to seek asylum. Essentially, we forced them to overstay their visas. This bill fixes that problem.
3. Those in hiding are living in terror of being separated from their families—they’ve been here for decades and done everything right.

I know there are lots of political things going on, most of us feel pulled in a billion different directions, our hearts breaking or hardening all the time. But please contact your representative, ask them to bring HR2642 to a vote and vote yes on it.

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