Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Screwtape Emails (In accordance with the Gospel of Matthew) PART 2

Subject: Your are hereby re-enstated to your previous position
This one is dangerous. I myself have faced “God with us.” I have assessed that he is incorruptible, temptation won’t work. He wants neither physical comfort, miraculous glory, or imperial power. I had hoped to harness that dreadful power of our enemy, Scripture, and turn it against him. That too failed.
For this reason I call on you. You are one of the best Will Symbiotes we have; few humans can resist you. Use every trick of the trade to harry the Son of the Enemy. Work on the hearts of all those who he will come into contact with and turn them against him.
There will be Possessors who will be working parallel to you.
Also spy on him and report to me all that this Jesus does.
PS I trust your stay with the Mad Torturer has gained me your total obedience and submission.

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