Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What if the whole Neo-con thing is working?

Hitchens supposes that the current fight for democracy happening in Iran could be based on Iran having Iraq as its democratic neighbor. The despotic dominoes that would start falling in the name of democracy once a representative government was established in Iraq are now falling. In a sense America wasn't wrong for invading Iraq for this reason (of course if you remember that wasn't the reason we invaded Iraq) only impatient.
Key Quote:
"They have seen the way in which national and local elections have been held, more or less fairly and openly, with different Iraqi Shiite parties having to bid for votes (and with those parties aligned with Iran's regime doing less and less well). They have seen an often turbulent Iraqi Parliament holding genuine debates that are reported with reasonable fairness in the Iraqi media. Meanwhile, an Iranian mullah caste that classifies its own people as children who are mere wards of the state puts on a "let's pretend" election and even then tries to fix the outcome."

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