Friday, July 10, 2009

Two unfortunate quotes to introduce the Methodist-Lutheran "Full Communion"

"We're all trying to get to heaven, so I see no problem with Lutherans helping us out,"
"Members said their biggest adjustment is Strommen's "Lutheran style" of prayer. She often turns her back to worshippers to face a large cross.

So Methodists are under the impression they can earn their way into heaven with a little help from their friends. Lutherans act as stale pre-vatican two priests... doesn't sound like putting our best feet forward.
That said "To have a Lutheran congregation of six and a Methodist congregation of four in a town of 200 is plumb stupid."
Last week TEY worshiped at a methodist church here in Susquehanna. It was a contemporary service, the pastor preached about freedom, mentioning--knowing a cadre of Lutherans had joined him-- "As we know Christian Freedom is pretty important to Lutherans too." It was a really good sermon--if it had been given at Tabernacle he would have got a lot of Amens. The main complaint of the scholars was that the pastor dressed "like a magician." In other words he was wearing a very snappy vest instead of vestments. I didn't really like the music--felt a little too much like "Jesus is my boyfriend" music, but I'm sure a contemporary Lutheran service would look much the same.
And that's about all I know about Methodists right at this moment. I have to go and lead morning worship.

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Andy Kaylor said...

If Methodists think they can earn there way to heaven, Lutherans can definitely help them. ;-)

I'm not sure a combined Lutheran-Methodist congregation of 10 makes any more sense. Of course, I don't think a town of 200 makes sense either, so what do I know.