Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Tea Party isn't what it appears to be

So, apparently Ron Paul isn't "libertarian" enough for Palin's Tea Party. Because, you know what, to the Tea Party folk libertarian means invading other countries and expanding federal governments influence into the day to day lives of Americans.
Seriously, rhetorically challenging Ron Paul for being part of the establishment and for being out of step with small government conservatism while in the same breath promising to govern in a way that would further balloon the federal government is horrible!
I believe the real reason Ron Paul is being targeted is because he's not a low blow kinda guy, because he doesn't buy the "birthers" arguments, because he doesn't traffic in outright and unapologetic racism, because he doesn't talk about murdering political opponents, because he is both respectful and respectable.
"He plans to attend a Tea Party-sponsored candidate forum in Katy this month, but he has distanced himself from the Tea Parties in recent interviews because of the antagonistic tone of some rallies."
Ron, get out now before they take your good name, drag it through the mud, and then throw you away and elect someone who promises to use the federal government to outlaw homosexuality or promises to invade Iran, or promises they will die for America.
Ron, don't ride the tiger! Just don't do it!

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