Saturday, October 25, 2014

20 Theses Derived from the Small Catechism

1.God is awful. (inspiring reverential wonder or fear.)
2.God is worthy of my love and my trust.
3.All nourishing things come from God.
4.God never abandons me.

5.God’s commands and promises are found in the Old and New Testament.
6.They inform and shape my faith life.
7.The sacraments are an example of this.
8.God’s commands are to be read in a strenuously positive way.

9.Humans are radically dependent creatures.
10.Humans are sellouts.
11.We sold out to Sin, Death, and the Devil.
12.Thank God Christ forgives us.
13.Christ my brother bought me back.

14.Humans are still sellouts
15.We’re recovering sinners.

16.The Church is a Sinners Anonymous meeting.
17.We confess together, and when particularly troubled to one another.

18.The Spirit will not leave us.
19.The Spirit’s work is irresistible.
20.The Spirit sustains our journey of repentance and forgiveness.

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