Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Luther's Greatest hits from his commentary on Ecclesiastes

Luther’s Greatest Hits:
“The subject or matter of this book is simply the human race, which is so foolish that it seeks and strives for many things by its efforts which it cannot attain or which, even if it does attain them, it does not enjoy but possesses to its sorrow and harm, as the fault not of the things themselves, but of its own foolish affections.”
“Incompetent legislators are a curse from God.”
“When the heart is empty of cares and yet something happens to it that is pleasant or some interesting sight comes alone, this is very delightful.”
“Humans are like a dog who attacks his reflection in a pond and in so doing drops his bone.”
“Since, we shall not take anything with us, let us share it with others.”
It is better to bear with and to endure a moderate amount of rebellion than to let the entire state perish."

The Book of Ecclesiastes in a nutshell:

I'm finishing up my Bible Study about the book of Ecclesiastes and this is my summary:

Both constructive and destructive things will happen in life.
We can’t easily tell if they relate to our moral or immoral acts.
Life is better and safer when lived wisely and in community.
Life is fragile, especially so if you are foolish or if fools are in power.
Possessions can be helpful in life, but they can also possess us.
Taking all this into consideration:
We should find equilibrium in the enjoyment of our work and our play.