Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My six top posts of 2014

So, the following six posts were the most viewed in the last year:
At number six, my 20 theses derived from Luther's Small Catechism. From what I've heard, a lot of people were confused with my use of the word awful, just a reminder it means "inspiring reverential wonder or fear."
At number five, The Gay Marriage Sermon.
Number four? The Gospel in Times Such as These, in which I called my congregation to their Baptismal Identity in the midst of the divisions between blue and black.
Similarly number three is the Statement by Bishop Eaton on Racial Justice that I based the above sermon on.
Number two, is my Formal Letter to the Federal Election Commission.
And finally, the number one most viewed post here at Luthermatrix in 2014 was a map of the 64 Synods of the ELCA I made in paint.
So, what does this tell me? People like pictures and tackling timely things.

Finally, if you would allow, here are a few posts I wish had got more play:
A brief Time Travel to the year 2034 to see what the ELCA looks like in 20 years time.
A sermon communicating the Gospel to the Millennial Generation.
And similarly, a sermon targeting the six generations currently living on this planet earth.
My sermon about how the Gospel relates to culture and context.
An answer to the question "What Old Testament Laws Do Christians have to follow?"
The announcement of my prayer book's re-release.
A few bits from my journal from Israel/Palestine.
And finally, a sermon about where the Church get's its authority from.
Happy New Year all!
The Management (aka Chris Halverson)