Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Five Links 4: Kim Davis, Reggie Williams, and Iran

  1. She’s a prop! Read Dreher’s article, but more importantly watch the Youtube video of Kim Davis… she’s a Prop for Mike Huckabee! Back in 2008 I actually kinda liked the guy, he talked the whole compassionate conservative things well, but my God, he’s creating, coddling, feeding, and riding a tiger… that’s a dangerous thing to do!
  2. Kim Davis isn’t Rosa Parks. Kim isn’t Rosa—Rosa Parks was a private individual standing up against a law that forbid her from riding in the front of the bus on account of her skin color, she was fighting against discrimination. Kim Davis is a public official refusing to follow a law ending discrimination against gay people.
  3. Or MLK. Mrs. Davis’ letter from her jail cell essentially promotes two particular candidates for president… she’s being used, or alternatively trying to squirm herself into the spotlight. MLK was political, but you didn’t see him endorsing candidates while jailed in Birmingham.
  4. Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus. Check out Clint’s review of Reggie Williams’ book.
  5. Senator Booker’s Iran vote. He’s decided to back diplomacy with Iran. Notice he does so very hesitantly.

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