Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Libertarian(ish) solution to gun violence

I grew up in Wyoming, my dad owned the kinds of guns that could, in about 3 seconds, shred a herd of Antelope or ATF agents hopping out of black helicopters.
I (sort of) get both hunting and non-hunting gun culture.
I get the 2nd Amendment being ingrained into America’s basic understanding of Freedom, and intrinsic to the covenant between We the People and the State.
At the same time, lessening or even ending gun violence is a truly worthy goal.

So, here is my proposal for gun ownership accountability:
1. All gun owners must be members of a well-regulated militia.
2. Militias are liable in civil court for all damages done by guns and bullets connected to members.
3. Militias may not declare bankruptcy.

            Essentially Militias would become insurance pools. It would be in their best interest to encourage safe choices, regulate member’s gun purchases and sales, and reject folk who pose a danger to our society.
            Some Militias would probably have a pretty low bar for membership and fees—for example the “Revolutionary Era Musket Collectors and Skeet Shooting” Militia. The “Hey, Bob, look what I can do with a modified Bazooka and a Watermelon!” Militia would probably have a much higher bar for entry and fees.
            Think about it, even the NRA, generally not amenable to regulation of guns, could make a killing! They have a mailing list, a reputation, and would have the greatest membership pool from which to draw.
            One of the things many gun-folk aren’t fond of is the idea of a centralized organization forcing people to make particular choices. This scheme would be decentralized, voluntary, and rely on the free market for regulation.

            And, I would hope, make gun deaths less likely.

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Debbie said...

I like that you point out the wording in the amendment is "a regulated militia". Thanks Chris for being a sensible human.