Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Screwtape Emails (In accordance with the Gospel of Matthew) PART 5

Subject: He’s dead! He’s dead!
I think things are going to be okay. That disciple I mentioned before has betrayed Jesus! And I got a suicide out of the bargain as well!
There was a dinner, some singing, then the arrested him! Peter denied Jesus. I found the chief priests some liars to condemn him, and then they turned him over to the Romans.
Oh! Sir, I’m so excited about my… personal touch, my crowning achievement, my grand slam, my home run, my hat trick! Get this I made the crowd to say “His blood be on us and on our children!” No matter the outcome of this grand adventure I’ve poisoned this event forever!
And then you know what! They killed Jesus! I stood there and watched. He shouted, and slumped down on the cross dead. Many miraculous thing happened, saints were raised, an earthquake, darkness… Yet, I think those were the last rumblings of God. I have killed this God With Us! I have killed him!

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