Thursday, August 27, 2009

I've arrived

Hello all. Its Chris, the wandering Scandinavian. I’ve recently
completed my 7,XXX mile drive from Philadelphia to Baltimore… by way
of Eugene Oregon. Along the way I managed to stop and see an old
roommate in Ohio, high school friends in Wyoming, pastors in Colorado,
Church friends in Montana, and a ton of Bishops in Minneapolis where I
attended the first three days of the ELCA’s Churchwide Assembly.
Additionally, I picked up a cute little hitchhiker in Wisconsin, no
not a new girlfriend (though that would have been nice), but a little
black and brown barn kitten I have named Simul—short for the Lutheran
phrase “Simul Justus Et Pecetor,” at the same time saint and sinner.
I start my internship at St. John’s Lutheran Church on Tuesday. I’m
pretty excited. So far I’ve met two members of my intern council and
had dinner with them. They both seem nice. I’ve unpacked and am kitty
proofing the apartment, and that’s about it for me.
Hope this email finds you all well.

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