Friday, October 07, 2016

My presidential endorsement with reference to 3 fictional characters Review

So, over the last 10 days I’ve laid out 3 reasons why #I’mWithHer. I did so using the “3 Fictional Characters Meme.”
I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because:

Walter White—If Trump is elected, 57,199,999 of my closest friends and I will lose a key tool to fight against giant insurance companies who have a history of discriminating against us. My personal healthcare costs will grow by 250% and when my heart valve goes I will have no way to pay for its repair. Under Hillary Clinton we will continue to have the tools we need to fight discrimination and I’ll be able to keep my head above water.

Pedro—She has policies that comport with the world in which we live. Donald Trump does not. All he has is an empty slogan, and a bunch of promises that are unworkable and sometimes unhinged. He’ll promise you anything, as long as you don’t read the fine print.

Cartman—She will be president within the framework of American Democracy, she’ll be a mainstream American president. Donald Trump will not. He consistently praises authoritarian rulers abroad, on many occasions he’s said he’ll govern in ways that are unconstitutional and outside the American tradition, and when violent racists lined up behind him he let them know he is on their side.

For these three reasons, please give Hillary Clinton a second look.

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